Penguin chooses my next classic read.

At a time where motivation seems at an all time low, picking up a book isn’t an easy feat. So, Penguin is going to choose my next classic read. Well…That’s it really. Enjoy.

If you’d like to find out what classic book you should read next, click this link;

Question 1

Okay, this first question’s pretty easy. Since I don’t want to be a part of a re-enactment for a PSA, I’m going to avoid dark city streets. I almost failed science so the lab is out of the question. And, I’m not Dani Harmer so I’d rather not enter a ghost’s safe haven. The sea it is.

Question 2

Being in quarantine has made me crave and miss the outdoors. So, I’ll easily love to take time to reflect and explore nature. Flirting and dancing is a hard pass. Remember that kid who stands in the corner, with his plastic cup, staring at the cool kids slightly too intensely? That was me.

Question Trois

This is a hard one. I guess I favour an outsider. Who doesn’t love an underdog story?

Question 4

I don’t think more isolation is a great idea so I won’t want a remote island. I’m also slightly concerned about witnessing something terrible in the not-to-distant future. Maybe another time. I’m going to say Victorian England. Why not? I could pass as high-brow and look rather dashing in a top hat. That’s all you need to pass as Victorian, isn’t it?


I’m not really interested in romance, it’s not something I want to strive for or that I have a strong desire to have. Same with wealth. I love a good revolution though. Overthrowing your oppressors. But, honestly, I just want to create something beautiful. Something that will give a little hope to someone.

Ooh, okay. So I got ‘To the Lighthouse’ by Virginia Woolf. This is on my TBR, which is great.

Alright, I’m excited. This is a great opportunity to finally read this damn book. I hope I enjoy it. I think I might, judging by Penguin’s lil’ summary.

That’s it. I let you know my thoughts on this, when I read it, I guess. Bye.

N.E.W.Ts wrap-up (I failed.)

This isn’t going to be a long post but I’ll just talk you through what exams I’ve completed.

Although the month of August was a productive one, I positively failed the N.E.W.Ts. I believe I read 4 (and a bit) books out of the intended 12. I also strayed far away from my initial TBR.

The exams (challenges) I completed were:

Charms A which was to read a book with a gorgeous cover. For this, I read Anne of Green Gables by L.M. Montgomery. Charms E which was to read a comic or graphic novel or manga (or book under for 150 pages.) I read Locke and Key: Keys to the kingdom by Joe Hill. DADA O was to read a book by an English author or set in England. I decided to read some hope by Edward St Aubyn instead of the intended Agatha Christie novel. Finally, I read Valley of fear by Arthur Conan Doyle for Transfiguration E (to read a book that isn’t the first in a series.)

I was also on my way to finishing DADA A and Potions A (read a book with black under the dust jacket and Polly Juice potion: read your friend’s favourite book) but didn’t manage to complete them.

That’s it really. Well done to everyone who actually read during this readathon. I also have some fun things planned so I’ll see you soon.


The Reading Rush 2019 Wrap-up

Yesterday marks, my fellow readers, the end of The reading rush 2019. Therefore I have the long awaited Wrap-up by the book of t himself (Strap yourself in because I am an exhilarating person.) In total I devoured seven books (I didn’t finish V for Vendetta, but I will. OKAY? Jees, that was a little more aggressive than I intended.) with a sum of 1,433 pages. I didn’t achieve all of the challenges, but I managed six of the primary challenges as well as a few additional ones on the website.

The week started stong. I was posting bookstagram photos, reading, joining in with sprints, I was in control. I managed to conclude my first book of 180 pages and completed my first challenge, “to read a book with a non-human leading character.”This book was War Horse by Michael Morpurgo. As an established favourite I knew it’d fly by and be enjoyable.A great first read, thank you, me for choosing well.

On day two, I managed only 37 pages of the art of logic by Eugina Cheng.I believe this is for the challenge to,”read a book you meant to read last year.” I was definitely enjoying it, but it was slightly different from what I was expecting (not in a bad way, though). It’s basically a book about understanding logic and an illogical world through mathematics.

Wednesday wasn’t much better with only 75 pages read.I did start The sense of an ending by Julian Barnes which is for “read a book in the same spot” and I was really enjoying it but found it a fairly slow read.For a 150 page book it took a very long time to get through, which was surprising.

It was then day 4, and I was COMMITTED. I stupidly chose to read the sense of an ending in the bath, so I spent a few hours (I’m a slow reader.) fully clothed in the tub. It wasn’t as uncomfortable as it sounds actually, but with only 128 pages to show for it I was slightly gutted.But, I loved it. It was definitely worth it. It did also complete the challenges for the adaptation and five words in the title as well as the same spot challenge. I think that was a “successful” day. I did forget to post the bookstagram challenge though.

Day five, I did nothing, read nothing, posted nothing. In my defense I did have a migraine.

With two days left, I was losing hope, but I did finish the art of logic completing my 5th challenge. I believe I read 108 ish pages. Which isn’t bad.

It was, at long last, day seven and with a last ditch attempt I read as many books as I could. I did manage to read…4 books (I know I didn’t finish v for vendetta, just allow me this!). I was initially in a state of nostalgia, so I read a book from my childhood; Gangsta granny by David Walliams. By the way, I was 8 when it was published (Growing up feels strange.) I guess it scarcely has some purple on the cover so that was my sixth challenge completed. I did decide to then read numbers 2 and 3 in the locke and key series (head games and crown of shadows) by joe Hill.And, I read (as previously mentioned) V for Vendetta by Alan Moore. The last three didn’t complete any challenges but I felt like reading a few graphic novels (so I did).

But in all the chaotic attempts of reading, I think I did well. How was your Reading Rush experience? I hope it was worthier than mine. Also, what was your favourite of the numerous bookish events and challenges? I enjoyed the sprints (so MUCH) but my favourite part was definitely the bookstagram challenges. I know I only did 3 ish but I had fun interacting with you bookish peeps and seeing other’s interpretation of the challenges.

It has been fun, until next time fellow bookish lovers, I’m signing off.


The Reading Rush 2019 TBR

Yes, it is that time of year again. The Reading Rush (formally Booktubeathon) is upon us and with less than a week to go I thought I’d give you my TBR.

The Reading Rush is running from July 22nd to July 28th. Make sure to stay up to date on Twitter and instagram @thereadingrush (and @rrsprints on twitter for reading sprints.) There’s going to be a lot of cool stuff happening. Also check out their Youtube channel for more information.

1) Right, the first challenge is to read a book with purple on the cover. I’m going to read Daisy Jones & the six by Taylor Jenkins Reid. I believe this is about a band that split and several years later we’re finding out why. I bought this book when it was at the peak of it’s hype so I can’t wait to finally read it.

2) The second prompt is to read a book in the same spot. For the sake of enjoying movement,I’ve chosen a short book. The sense of an ending by Julian Barnes follows Tony Webster and his clique during six form and his retirement. I know little else about this one but It’d be nice to get it off my TBR.

3) Next, is to read a book you intended to read last year. I’ve chosen The Art Of Logic by Eugenia Cheng. I think this is an exploration of understanding the world through mathematics. I’ve had this since Christmas and I’m glad I’m finally going to read it.

4) For an author’s first book I’m reading The Mars Room by Rachel Kushner. Romy Hall is serving two consecutive life sentences at Stanville women’s correctional facility. I believe we’re following her life in prison. I don’t have much else to say about this one. I bought it on a whim and I haven’t heard anyone talk about it but I think I might just like it.

5) Now, Trying to find a book (on my immediate TBR) with a non-human main character was a quest. So, I decided to read an old favourite; War horse by Michael Morpurgo. I think you probably know what this one is about so I’ll leave it at that.

6) six is to read a book with five or more words in the title. For this I’m reading If I die before I wake by Emily Koch. I think this is about someone trying to solve who their attempted murderer is whilst in a coma. I thought this was an interesting synopsis and I’m excited to read it.

7) Finally, the last is to read a book and watch the adaptation. If I stay by Gayle Forman has been on my TBR for a while. The synopsis is vague and I’ve had no previous intrest in watching the film, so I’m sure I’ll love it.

Anyway, that is it. If you’re joining in, I’d love to see your TBRs and updates. I don’t know how much I’ll blog during the readathon (not that I’m great at blogging much anyway) but I’ll do some sort of update.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week!


Mini discussion: why I collect and read children’s books.

I want to start of by saying, I’m not writing this to justify what I like to read and I’m not saying anyone else should have to either. I just wanted to talk about this, I thought it’d be an interesting discussion.

So, i read and collect children’s books. There is multiple answers why but to be honest; I just like to. When I started secondary school, I wanted to be liked so I shoved my childhood books in my shed. A few years later, my books were destroyed by a rogue car that went through my garden fence. I’ve felt slightly guilty ever since.

I knew, by this point, that when I grew up I wanted to be a foster carer. Anyway, after they were destroyed I thought more about books and took up reading again. (A few survived.) It was at this point I realised that I shouldn’t have shoved those books in the shed in the first place.

With a troubling secondary school life, (you know, typical stuff.) I really got into reading and collected hundreds of books, thanks to my wonderful family.(hi mum. I know you won’t read this.) I decided to start collecting children’s books knowing my future career path, in the hopes that I could be responsible for at least one child finding hope and happiness in the written word.

Books were always a refuge when I needed them (and they are linked to a lot of happy memories, too.) I know that a lot of you reading may feel a similar sense of nostalgia with children’s books. I guess I just want to be responsible for another child having that.

At the moment, I have quite a few children’s books. Some chapter books, some picture books. Just the thought of, in a few years, being able to share these books with the children I’d foster. Or even when my cousin is old enough, it just brings me joy.

I guess that’s it. That’s why I read and collect children’s books, hardly interesting content but It’ll do.

Are there any books that you read a lot as a kid? The Horrid Henry books were always a favourite of mine.