Mini discussion: why I collect and read children’s books.

I want to start of by saying, I’m not writing this to justify what I like to read and I’m not saying anyone else should have to either. I just wanted to talk about this, I thought it’d be an interesting discussion.

So, i read and collect children’s books. There is multiple answers why but to be honest; I just like to. When I started secondary school, I wanted to be liked so I shoved my childhood books in my shed. A few years later, my books were destroyed by a rogue car that went through my garden fence. I’ve felt slightly guilty ever since.

I knew, by this point, that when I grew up I wanted to be a foster carer. Anyway, after they were destroyed I thought more about books and took up reading again. (A few survived.) It was at this point I realised that I shouldn’t have shoved those books in the shed in the first place.

With a troubling secondary school life, (you know, typical stuff.) I really got into reading and collected hundreds of books, thanks to my wonderful family.(hi mum. I know you won’t read this.) I decided to start collecting children’s books knowing my future career path, in the hopes that I could be responsible for at least one child finding hope and happiness in the written word.

Books were always a refuge when I needed them (and they are linked to a lot of happy memories, too.) I know that a lot of you reading may feel a similar sense of nostalgia with children’s books. I guess I just want to be responsible for another child having that.

At the moment, I have quite a few children’s books. Some chapter books, some picture books. Just the thought of, in a few years, being able to share these books with the children I’d foster. Or even when my cousin is old enough, it just brings me joy.

I guess that’s it. That’s why I read and collect children’s books, hardly interesting content but It’ll do.

Are there any books that you read a lot as a kid? The Horrid Henry books were always a favourite of mine.


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